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Fungal Nails: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Effective Treatments

Do you feel embarrassed every time you show your feet because of your fungal-infected nails? Say Goodbye to fungal nails!

Fungal nails are often characterised by thickening, discoloration and separation of the nail from the nail bed.  Unfortunately, this condition is very common, due to the many different environments our feet are exposed to.

Introduction to Fungal Nails

Nail fungus develops when fungi colonize the firm tissue that supports the nail. However, the nail fungus typically develops in the nail’s strong keratin matrix, which is located at the nail’s central core. Peeling, discoloration, and ultimate separation from the underlying nail bed can occur as the fungus grows and thickens the nail. Topical antifungal medication is usually advised, however in certain cases prescription medication is required for several weeks for effective treatment. Infection and permanent damage to the nail base can result from untreated fungal nails.

How Do They Evolve?

It’s not uncommon to have trouble curing fungal nails. You can escape getting fungal nails by taking one of several preventative measures by Stand Tall Podiatry in Kingsgrove.

See a podiatrist in Kingsgrove if you see that your toenails are becoming brittle and white, or if they develop fungus. Different podiatry treatments may be required, based on the type of fungus that has infected the patient’s feet, Stand Tall Podiatry offers different diagnostic tests that can be used to determine the severity of the issue in Kingsgrove.

Treatment of Fungal Nails

We can assist with the trimming of your nails and the best treatment for your specific fungal nail. Fungal nails are hard to get rid of and will sometimes need further investigation which your Podiatrist will provide you with.

Often treatment consists of antifungal topical treatment, however there are so many on the market these days it’s important to consult your Podiatrist to find out who is going to work for you.

Treatment Options for Fungal Nails

At Stand Tall Podiatry Kingsgrove, fungal nail infections can be treated in a few various ways. While many of these podiatry remedies can be purchased without an appointment, more extensive problems may necessitate seeing a podiatrist in Kingsgrove.

Topical treatment is usually the first line therapy for fungal nails. Stand Tall Podiatry clinics offer a range of topical treatment products, from solutions to sprays, creams and gels. The condition of the nail can reflect the effectiveness of the treatment, so it is recommended you visit a Podiatrist before starting treatment. It is advised for all topical treatments, to gain the best results, that the nail is thinned as much as possible and, nail that may have lifted or become brittle, is cut away and exposes the nail bed. Without this, it may delay or lower the effectiveness of treatment. This allows the solution to penetrate the nail bed more effectively. It is advised that a visit to the Podiatrist before starting treatment is booked so they can thin and remove any fungal nail that may delay or lower the effectiveness of treatment.

Oral antifungal medication can also be prescribed by a GP, but many patients are not eligible for this treatment as it can be quite harsh on the liver. This needs to be checked via a blood test by your GP. Ask your Podiatrist if you would like more information.

If antifungal creams and powders sold over the counter don’t do the trick, our podiatrist may recommend a sublingual or injectable form of the medication. Ketoconazole (Nizoral) and itraconazole are two oral antifungals available in pill or capsule form.

A fungus nail can be surgically removed if the patient chooses. This should only be done if the nail is painful or restricting your movement in some way. General anesthesia is used for most surgeries, and patients may need up to several weeks to fully recuperate.

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