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From everyday activities through to professional sporting events – improve your active lifestyle with innovative custom orthotics from Stand Tall Podiatry in Roselands.

Your feet are unique, so your orthotics should be, too. Our cutting edge 3D technology allows us to analyse your feet more accurately than any other method on the market. We’re able to determine your foot type correctly and dynamically measure the plantar pressure of your feet in 3D while you’re moving. So we can see exactly what’s needed and produce reliable yet gentle orthotics specifically designed for your needs.

Whether you’re suffering from foot pain, ligament injury or osteoarthritis, having the correct support is crucial for pain-free and balanced movement. Our custom orthotics are highly effective and help you to recover faster and more comfortably from injuries. They also help you achieve improved balance and athletic performance.

Orthotics for Pronation Problems

Pronation describes the rotation of the foot down or inwards. It is a normal and necessary movement to allow for normal foot motion and shock absorption. Everybody has their own ‘envelope’ or range of pronation that they work within. Problems can occur when people move at the end range of their normal pronation, putting strain on tissues and contributing to injuries.

Who makes our Orthotics?

Casted- These are made from a cast or impression of your feet and according to prescription/design parameters of our Podiatrists.

All of our clinics have orthotic laboratories on site, so if you need adjustments to your insoles, they can be done quickly and onsite with a high level of customisation.

Foam based – These are fully customised and made from layers of foam that are matched to your foot and injury. These are all made onsite while you wait. In most cases they are equally effective as a molded orthotic but don’t last as long and are cheaper to make.

Other Orthotics

Moonboots- These are the modern alternative to casts and allow patients to essentially remove their casts when showering or sleeping for a more functional life.

Ankle Braces- After an ankle sprain, an ankle can be left with pain and instability. Ankle Braces allow you to get back to normal life quicker and reduce the likelihood of another sprain. We stock many types and sizes of braces.

Bunion Splints- These are discrete Velcro adhering splints that help realign the big toe joint at night. This can help with the deformity.

Leg length raises- Leg length differences are a very common and normal human variant and can also be caused by major traumas. Unlike other podiatrists and health professions, we custom make our raises to correct the length leg difference accurately and from the heel to toe.

Heel Raises- We supply over the counter raises and bespoke raises. These are used to take stress off the achilles tendon and calf muscles.

How to Choose a Custom Orthotic?

More and more people are turning to bespoke orthotics as a means of relieving the discomfort and managing the condition of their diabetic feet. Many factors contribute to this, but one major cause is that custom orthotics are more effective than one would expect at relieving the discomfort associated with diabetic foot conditions.

Arch supports, insoles, and inserts are the three main categories of bespoke orthotics. Arch supports do what they’re supposed to do by giving the arch of the foot some much-needed help. Inserts, in contrast to insoles, can be placed inside shoes to give extra padding there.

At Stand Tall Podiatry, diabetic foot pain can be significantly alleviated, and general function can be enhanced, with the help of custom orthotics. Discuss your options for relieving your foot pain with our expert podiatrist to see if custom orthotics are right for you.

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