Heel Pain

Common Causes of Heel Pain  

One of the reasons heel pain affects so many people is on account of all that physical force we place upon our feet (even just walking around during the day). Another reason comes down to heel anatomy.   

Your heel bone (calcaneus) has two very important connective tissues anchored to it—the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. The Achilles connects the bottom of the calf muscle to the calcaneus and attaches on the back of the bone. Your plantar fascia bridges the back and front of your foot, running along the length of the bottom of the foot, and attaching to the underside of the calcaneus.  

Between the force loads and anatomy, heel pain can be caused by several different conditions and injuries, including: 

Plantar fasciitis 

Achilles Tendinitis 

Sever’s Disease 

Heel Spurs 


Symptoms include stiffness and tightness in the back of the leg and bunion joint, along with an uneven gait. Heel pain is often the first sign of plantar fasciitis. 

Treatments include anti-inflammatory medications,ice-packs,stretch exercises ,steroid injections, orthotics, and physical therapy.    

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