Sports Podiatry

At Stand Tall Podiatry, we are well known for our expertise in Sports Podiatry. Our Podiatrists have a special interest in Sports Podiatry and are experienced in dealing with all foot and lower limb related sporting injuries. We understand that different sports require different needs, and deal with many different sports such as football, rugby, netball, golf, running, tennis, squash and more.

In many sports, the foot absorbs tremendous shearing and loading forces, sometimes reaching over 20 times the person’s body weight!

We our take our time to listen to your concerns

We our take our time to listen to your concerns, and endeavour to create treatment plans around your needs, to ensure you are back on the field, court or the gym before you know it!

All our Podiatrists are AHPRA registered, meaning you don’t need a referral to see us. Simply contact us to make an appointment. We work closely with other professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Orthopaedic Surgeons to ensure faster recovery. If required, our Podiatrists can send you for appropriate imaging, such as X-Ray and Ultrasound and depending on the nature and stage of your injury, we are able to fit moonboots and braces at the time of appointment.

Common Sports Injuries We Treat:

Ankle Sprains

Knee Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles Tendinitis

Shin Splints

Stress Fractures

We treat a wide range of sporting injuries using a variety of techniques

Podiatrists treat a wide range of sporting injuries using a variety of techniques. A typical Sports Podiatry consult involves the Podiatrist completing a biomechanical assessment of the structure of your feet and lower limbs, testing the range of movement, muscle activation and static posture. This is often followed by a gait analysis which is a non-invasive diagnostic method for in-depth examination and assessment of the way we walk or run.
In some cases, your Podiatrist will check your shoes, to determine if they are helping, or hindering your injury. Our Podiatrists work closely with Shoes & Sox and the Athletes Foot to keep up to date with the latest shoe technologies, allowing us to give you expert advice on which shoe type, make or model will be beneficial for your foot type.